Hog & Cattle Slat

Engineered Stronger Concrete is designed to be stronger and more durable. Zero Slump concrete results in more uniform slats.

ZERO slump dry-cast concrete mixtures result in a stronger more uniform slat than a wet-cast slat. This form of concrete mix is a drier, stiffer concrete mix that typically has minimal slump when the form has been removed.

Due to using this formula in our hog and cow slats, they have much higher durability. In our process we use a rotoscreed process that levels the top of the slat that creates a smoother surface, easier on animals hooves and joints.

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The Benefits of ZERO slump concrete use

Here are some of the key benefits of our ZERO slump concrete use.

  Durability and Quality.

  Less resources required to produce the product.

  Improved health of animals kept on our product.

Hog and Cattle Slats come in a few different sizes, though we do have options for custom solutions.

  Posts - 82" and 106" - 8 foot and 10 foot solutions

  Beams - 12ft., 10ft., 8ft.

  Slats (Hogs) - 10ft. and 8ft.

  Slats (Cattle) - 12ft., 10ft., 8ft. - Same as beams

Investing in quality product reduces the expense of replacing inferior products on a more frequent basis.

Producers using slatted floor systems have a reduction in labor costs and bedding usage.

  Slatted floor systems don't require bedding for animals.

  Feeding animals requires less time due to animals being able to reach feed quicker and easier.

  Dry Slump slats last longer and require less maintenance.


Using the Rotoscreed system:

  Creates a more uniformly flat flooring for better footing.

  More uniformly flat surfaces reduce strain on animals feet and joints.

  With a more uniform and flat surface it makes for ease of cleaning.


Automated finishing provides Consistency.